Working at River End Games

At River End Games we are looking for people who are driven by curiosity and a love for games. We want to hire people who we can learn from and who can also learn from us. We believe that something special happens when you put highly talented and motivated people together and let them inspire each other to grow and to create amazing things.

We want everyone working with us to continually grow as professionals, and being a small studio we can’t have specialists for all aspects. For this reason we actively encourage our team to expand and learn new areas both within and outside their field. 

We all do different things at River End Games but in a sense we all have the same job, and that is to create captivating experiences for players. We are looking for someone who shares the sentiment that the satisfaction derived from your work comes primarily from the positive impact it has on the player’s experience. If you are a curious person with a strong ambition to create great things, you’ll feel right at home with us.

We currently don't have any open positions available, but feel free to reach out to us anyway via the contact page. Perhaps you're exactly the person we need, just that we didn't know it yet?